Sage 300cloud ERP 2014

being connectedTo increase revenue and grow with confidence in today’s hypercompetitive business environment, management, and staff alike need to give customers a great experience with every interaction and make faster, more informed decisions to boost productivity.

That seems like a pretty tall order, unless you use a solution that helps you provide a better customer experience, increase your revenue, and grow with confidence. Sage 300cloud ERP 2014 has the ability to connect to business intelligence and analytics solutions that lead to better decision making. And it connects everyone to more intuitive data entry and workflows with a fresh new user interface.

Sage 300cloud ERP 2014 enables connections to critical business functions.

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Explore the new interface for Sage 300cloud ERP 2014


Order Entry screen


Purchase Order Screen

better customer expSage 300cloud ERP 2014 is the foundation for connecting your business to provide a better customer experience, increase revenue, and make better business decisions. There have been a few user experience enhancements developed over the last year to help your business.

PROJECTJOBCOSTINGImproved Visual Process Flows

Build on an already popular and valuable feature to make them a source of even greater productivity. Sage Visual Process Flows are interactive workflow diagrams that graphically display the steps required to complete common tasks. They boost productivity by helping all employees follow procedures in a well-organised way, and by bringing new employees up to speed more readily.

Sage 300cloud ERP 2014 provides even easier to understand procedural roadmaps and links to every important cross-purpose in each process. That means less time wasted and fewer mistakes made. Be more productive and map your daily tasks and processes from any application onto a single screen using the enhanced Visual Process Flows.

User License Management Utility

Maximise return on investment with improved user license management capabilities to free up user licenses as needed for high priority business requests. Users will be able to see who is using what screens and how long they have been in there. A user no longer requires a LanPak either to see who is logged on.

Required field indicator

Required fields are now clearly indicated with an asterix.

GL Transaction Listing Report

The GL Transaction Listing Report can now be filtered by Year as well as by Fiscal Period.

Allow duplicate serial numbers

Allowing duplicate serial numbers introduces greater control in the system by ensuring that users who incorrectly assign the same serial numbers to multiple items are unable to do so. However, if they want to be able to enter duplicate serial numbers they can continue to do so. Customers who incorrectly assign an existing serial number to a second item will be blocked from doing so when it should not be allowed.

Default bill of material

When a customer is creating an assembly the default BOM will be assigned automatically when the user enters the item number. Users can reassign BOMs as needed for seasonal items to speed up data entry and minimise user error.

Display Original PO User

In PO Entry, there is now an “Entered By” field to help determine who entered the Purchase Order to improve internal operational efficiency.

Unit Cost field added on the Lot Numbers Inquiry screen

This field displays the unit cost for items in a lot, calculated based on the quantity of items in the lot and the total cost of the lot.

On the Location Details screen Inventory Minimum (SIA) and Lead Time (SIA) fields are added. Inventory Minimum (SIA) field allows you to assign the minimum quantity of an item that must be in inventory at a location. Lead Time (SIA) field allows you to specify the lead time to allow when ordering goods. On the Vendor Details screen Order Minimum (SIA) and Preferred Vendor (SIA). Order Minimum (SIA) field allows user to specify the minimum quantity of an item that you must order from a vendor. If purchase of an item is done from multiple vendors, Preferred Vendor (SIA) field allows you to specify a preferred vendor for the item.

On the Lot Numbers’ screen and the Serial Numbers screen, user can now change the stock date. Here, if the user changes the stock date, the system re-calculates the expiry date automatically.

sage mobile crm


Are you connecting with your customers to give them a better experience?

Social media lets you in on the conversation about customer needs. Being prepared at sales calls with notes and data on customer sales history, pricing details, and even where they went on vacation let them know you care. With Sage CRM Mobile, experience anytime, anywhere connections your team needs for better collaboration are available on their mobile devices.

Increase productivity

Stay connected to your business while you are on the move, and enable significant productivity gains for your organisation. According to Nucleus Research, providing sales people with mobile device access to CRM drives a 14.6% increase in productivity. Access to the right information at the right time can help to reduce the need to return to the office for administrative tasks — offering a streamlined system of information throughout your firm and increasing an employees’ overall productivity.

Encourage better collaboration between departments

With a flow of material between employees across the company, no matter where they operate from, this collaboration of ideas and information can help oil the wheels of any business. Better business insight can be made available “at a glance” with a CRM software solution, where multiple pieces of information can be viewed on mobile screens. And, given the decentralised nature of utilising web-based software, employees eliminate barriers to their work because they can access your CRM tool anytime, anywhere.

Staff can work from anywhere

Employees who spend a lot of time outside of the office on business still need access to all of their systems. Investing in a web-based business software can provide your team with the ability to work, no matter where they are in the world. Having fast, up-to-date access to customer data from your company’s data source can help them to achieve maximum efficiency when out of the office.

Mobile CRM enables social CRM

Take the valuable customer insight and conversations on social media and customer communities, and layer them on top of emails, sales calls and customer service interactions Increasingly, social media users share information about their favourite brands. With a mobile CRM solution, your employees can interact with social media users in real-time and enable your company’s social CRM strategy.

Enhance the customer experience

Mobile, social and big data all play a big role in helping salespeople enhance the customer selling experience. According to Gartner, by 2016, 55% of salespeople will access sales applications exclusively through smartphones or tablets. If your company wants to keep up with competitors, sales people need to be able to access your customer relationship management databases on their tablets and smartphones.

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Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor is a web-based solution that goes beyond merely tracking what inventory you have on hand and sending alerts when you run low. It helps your inventory management team strike the optimal balance between being ready for demand and avoiding stock overages. Sage Inventory Advisor analyses Sage 300cloud ERP data to provide improved stock forecasting, better vendor management, and recommendations for optimal replenishment. It allows you to adjust safety stock levels based on risk tolerance levels and changing conditions on the ground.

Sage Inventory Advisor brings these benefits to companies needing to manage inventory:

  • Reductions in costly inventory overages to free up working capital
  • Reductions in stock-outs to improve fill rates
  • Improved speed and accuracy of demand planning and forecasting
  • Reduce excess inventory by 10%-15% and improve inventory turns
  • Reduce working capital and free up 15%-20% of cash tied into inventory
  • Improve fill rates by 2%-10% and eliminate stock-outs
  • Reduce  time spent on forecasting by as   much as 50%

inventory advisor

Track performance and identify problem SKUs through interactive dashboard with drill-down features

Fast to Implement and Cost-Effective

A cloud solution, Sage Inventory Advisor can be implemented cost effectively in just hours.

  • Allows   anytime, anywhere access.
  • Eliminates local  server installation.
  • Provides worry-free updates and maintenance.
  • Delivers rapid deployment and scalability.
  • Best-in-class availability level.

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Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting—a module of your Sage 300cloud ERP 2014 solution—is a flexible, Microsoft® Excel®-based reporting tool that empowers you to easily get information from across your business to improve reporting; allowing you to get better visibility into your organisation to make informed business decisions. The latest version of Intelligence Reporting boasts a new Report Designer, giving you more control over your financial reports, four new report templates and updated standard reports.

The new Report Designer gives you two methods to create your financial reports depending on your Excel knowledge:

intelligenceLayout generator

  • For novice Excel users.
  • Provides a wizard type experience to get you up and running immediately via a suite of out the box financial layouts that ship with the solution.
  •  All provided layouts can be further edited via the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making this the quickest and easiest way to generate your financial layouts required.

Task Pane

  • For advanced Excel users.
  • Allows for greater flexibility and control over layouts.
  • Provides you with instant and dynamic access to data within the General Ledger by simply dragging in data lists, formulas, or Reporting Trees from the Task Pane on the right hand side of the Excel window.