AccTech Mining ERP Solution

AccTech ERP for Mining

AccTech’s Mining ERP solution powered by Sage provide a comprehensive blueprint for the mining industry offering complete solutions from exploration to development and into production. AccTech’s ERP solutions for mining is a scalable set of modules that fit any mining operation ranging from junior miners in exploration, to mines in development through to full scale end to end mining groups. It also gives you the tools to help you master your mining operation. Seamlessly automating your business processes to put you in the right position to manage and control your operation’s future. Sage Mining ERP is a robust solution, specifically designed as an interconnected dynamic eco-system, which provides efficient management of your business departments, such as supply chain, logistics, finance and more.

Core Financial Modules 

Sage Mining ERP solutions are renowned for their rock-solid financials and reporting. The transactional analysis modules give you more in-depth costing information than the general ledger. CFO’s can now keep a concise general ledger with up to 10 levels of analysis, including comprehensive information on additional costs to equipment, cost centres or responsibility centres for dynamic reporting.


Sage ERP solutions for Mining can include a consolidation, budgeting and forecasting module as well as a remote data collection facility. This may be set up to retrieve data from a remote copy of your ERP data on a mine, and is presented back in the Business Intelligence suite and ERP Financials for comprehensive analysis. This not only assists the financial staff, but also the Board of Directors who are typically not located at the mine sites. Sage ERP solutions for Mining incorporate a complete process automation suite developed by AccTech Systems. The suite assists with simple, fast data entry requests from the mine with comprehensive built in authorisation rules linked to cost centres and budgets. The process automation solution manages procurement and internal stock issues by allowing the creation of an unlimited number of workflows ans associated rules and alerts.

Production and Exploration Data

The production data capture module allows users to set up an area or operation against which costs can be tracked, such as shafts, open pits, or tailings. Benath this layer of costs lies a lower level of processing such as shaft sinking, development waste or stopping (depending on the environment), which is linked back to the top level. Typically, the plant area will track the processing of material from all areas and link it to a sub-component of the general ledger account for reporting purposes only. The module allows users to specify units of measure for the production data captured, such as meters advanced, tons surveyed, tons hoisted and treated and carats recovered. This is captured as needed daily, weekly or monthly and is linked to the business intelligence suite. Sage Mining ERP solutions have been designed to manage surveying and monitoring activities and to compare geological site survey information. Information from the mobile devices is integrated throughout the mining suite to give management increased visibility and operational control. &

First of its kind, SaaS asset and verification service. Designed with mobility features for all your physical assets i.e. take on, receipting and counting processes. Sage Mining ERP solutions appreciate the need for capital budgeting and end-to-end asset management. Investment in assets is a significant part of any mining operation, and the appropriate controls over budgeting, procurement and maintenance are managed within the suite, whilst ensuring compliance with IFRS standards.

People and Payroll Management

Our offering completes your back-office accounting and payroll needs. The scalable and best breed of Payroll solution takes care of all your Human Resource management and payroll requirements. The Employee Self Service functionality makes this an integral part in your digital transformation journey.

Reporting and Analytics

Our mining solution for reporting and analytics consists of various components that enhance the delivery of financial reports, real-time information, structure production data and mining statistics. In most cases we can utilise your existing software investments to deliver a complete intelligent solution


Allows for automation of remote transactions from third party products back to your ERP solution. With pre-validation rules, data integrity is ensured and error communication is also established via e-mail.


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