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AccTech Systems is MICT Seta Accredited

AccTech Systems is proud to announce that we are MICT Seta accredited (Accreditation Number:  ACC/2014/00/160) and we have many verifiable references. AccTech Systems Training Centre was established in 1999.

Advantage for selecting AccTech Systems as your training provider:

The courses are aligned according to industry standards which means you are assured of quality training

Professional and subject matter facilitators guide you during the training sessions

You can claim back up to 50 percent of the training expenses from your Skills levy – therefore your actual training costs for example Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Sage ERP 300 as well as any other of our training courses’ cost is greatly reduced.

What is MICT Seta?

MICT SETA was accredited as an ETQA by SAQA in February 2001 to quality assure provision of nationally recognised education and training qualifications and/or unit standards within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

MICT SETA has retained its accreditation status as an ETQA for all the qualifications and unit standards that it had previously been accredited by SAQA.

What is SAQA?

The functions of SAQA are essentially twofold, firstly to oversee the development and implementation of the NQF and secondly to ensure the national standards of level 8.

National standards are the agreed repositories of knowledge about ‘quality practice’ or competence, as well as about legitimate criteria for assessing such competence.

What is ETQA?

An ETQA is an Education and Training Quality Assurance Body established as part of The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) structure to ensure consistency and quality in training and education across all fields.

What is NQF?

NQF stands for National Qualifications Framework and this was established for purposes of among other things, the generation and registration of national unit standards and qualifications, and the accreditation of ETQAs and providers.

What is a unit standard?

A unit standard describes the desired education and training outcomes and their assessment criteria of learning for which the learner will get credits.  A combination of relevant unit standards form  a qualification.


For more information, feel free to visit www.mict.org.za.