Integration.NET 2014 is here

The integration between a company’s remote systems and the systems of their partners is one of the biggest challenges faced in today’s dynamic IT business environment. The database structures of the data caught at the source of the transaction and the data structure going into the back-office is often not the same, and as result valuable hours are wasted trying to map the bidirectional flow of transactions.

AccTech Integration.Net allows for the automation of remote transactions from third party vendors/partners back to your back-office operations. With pre-validation rules, data integrity is ensured and error communication is also established via e-mail.

What’s new in Integration.NET 2014

Integration.NET 2014 brings powerful new features to the trusted and widely deployed AccTech Integration.NET (IGN) solution. To deliver an integration tool that meets the requirements of today’s software systems, the following major challenges have been addressed in delivering the new integration platform.

1.     Manage integrations between various disparate systems

No longer is our integration solution limited to providing a simplified means of interfacing between your external system and Sage Systems. IGN now provides a mechanism to interface between multiple systems on different platforms.

2.     Orchestration of integration components

This feature enable the grouping and scheduling of integration activities providing more flexibility and control over integration processes that are managed and controlled by the Integration.NET 2014 framework.

3.     Cloud / On-Premise enabled

The need for enabling integration in the cloud is obvious. With the incorporation of modern web technologies and standards into our Integration.NET 2014 framework, full CRUD support using Web API and JSON with ODATA query language is now fully supported.

4.     Faster / more cost effective delivery of integration between systems

By incorporating a flexible pluggable framework with the AccTech standard feed library, the re-use of integration components drives a quicker deployment of integration between systems.

5.     Open industry standards

By employing open industry standards like JSON we believe that we made it a lot easier for 3rd party developers to make use of our integration framework.


2. Architecture Design

The new design allows for the custom integrations to be loosely coupled with the IGN host, to enable the customisation to happen without impacting on the standard way that IGN will manage integrations.

IGN diagram

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