AccTech Systems Capital Procurement

AccTech Systems’ Capital Procurement – ensures control and good governance over your business critical processes.

Every organisation has to plan for Capital Expenditure and control the Capital Procurement Process. Whether it’s a new building, the renovation of an existing building, a new vehicle or a new piece of equipment; these assets add value to your organisation. However the process of budgeting for these items are often not properly controlled or automated.

AccTech Capital Budgets for Sage 300cloud ERP and Sage ERP X3

A typical Capital Procurement process contains different elements:

  • Management and control over Capital Budgets
  • Creation and control over which purchase orders are created, to which account they must go, and to which budget they should be assigned to.
  • Capturing of the received goods against the purchase order.
  • Invoice entry of the items received
  • Capitalizing the fixed assets
  • Maintaining the fixed assets
  • Fixed Assets General Ledger Journals
  • Reports and analysis to show these steps are implemented and how they impact your business

capital procurement summary informationeWorkflow 2013 budget authorisation application

The solution to this Capital Procurement conundrum, is to use a flexible solution that will allow you to adjust the process, to fit with your capital procurement requirements. With AccTech Systems’ Capital Procurement suite bringing together Capital Budgeting, Fixed Assets and Capital Procurement through AccTech eWorkflow 2013, it will ensure governance and control to manage these business critical processes.

budget authorisationeWorkflow 2013 budget authorisation application

This solution has the ability to provide a simple interface, which will allow you to do the purchase directly from the workstation.  This purchase follows a process of authorization, which allows the company to define the rules of procurement.  Once all the authorizations are done, the system can commit transactions to the ERP system and once the assets are ready for capitalization, the users can manage the transactions all from this one interface.

With the advance security and roll assignment, you can now:

  • specify which users have access to which process
  • specify what the purchase limit is on a budget
  • make sure that they do not overspend
  • maintain your assets through the same interface and
  • segregate the duties of you personnel, on the different functions of assets.

With the solution, you are able to have standard or custom processes, and only tweak them to fit your business. Some of the standard processes are:

  • Request Capex for a purchase
  • Capital purchase that will update budgets and created the Purchase Order automatically
  • Receipt fully or partially against a capital purchase order.
  • Capitalize assets into the Fixed Assets register.
  • Report against Available, committed and spent budget.
  • Forecast budgets expected expenditures as many times as you want.

Using AccTech’s solution will give you the control and security you need to effectively manage the full life cycle of their Capital Purchases. This will lead to increased productivity, effective management of capital expenditure and transparency with a proper analysis of budgets.