AccTech Advanced Analytics (A3)

AccTech Advanced Analytics Application(A3)

As a “smart data” solution, the A³ application enable self-service reporting for ERP source systems such as Sage 300cloud ERP and Sage ERP X3, by creating a data warehouse and ETL processes. Transform the data from your ERP system into friendly data structures, empowering the user to create advanced analysis using a Business Intelligence tool of their choice.

The AccTech Advanced Analytics Application is a server based application design to dynamically build an optimised data warehouse for the Sage ERP Products and other related solutions. It can however be used to facilitate other solutions or data sources outside the Sage ERP Products with minor configurations.

Simplify, Automate and Optimise Source Data


AccTech Advanced Analytics Application DIAGRAM

AccTech Advanced Analytics (A³) Application Benefits

The A³ application features a dynamic data warehouse builder for Sage 300cloud ERP, Sage ERP X3 and other related third party solutions and data sources. Any other external data sources can also be included in the A³ application to add additional data to the existing ERP data warehouse or a completely separate data warehouse. All the required ETL processes for the ERP solutions are built in as standard features within the application.

More A³ application features and benefits

  • Optimised ERP data warehouse
  • ETL Processes
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Task and Process Scheduling
  • Eliminate data duplication (Normalisation etc.)
  • Field format correction
  • Added Date and Time Dimensions
  • Data Quality
  • Enables Self Service Reporting Capabilities
  • Account Mappings and level groupings within the application
  • Instantly rebuild your data warehouse 
  • Security
  • Aggregation and Consolidation
  • A wide range of Business Intelligence / Reporting
  • tools can be used to report on the data warehouse
  • Custom structure and table builder for data sources
  • Write bach to data warehouse from excel

Features Specific to Sage ERP X3

  • Advanced Date & Time dimensions added to the data warehouse
  • Budget Pyramids in Sage ERP X3
  • Optimise transactional data from Sage ERP X3 ledgers
  • Can connect to multiple schemas or Sage ERP X3 Folders
  • Backdated reporting requirements
  • Multiple companies, Multiple ledgers
  • Simple 4 step process to create a standard data
  • warehouse
  • Import & Export features for account mappings
  • Time dimension caters for different fiscal calendars
  • within companies/ledgers
  • Variable calendar year lengths/number of periods within
  • companies (change of financial year end)
  • Different dimension structures for companies
  • Multi-currency
  • Aggregated reporting
  • Catered for all budget sets/types
  • Custom structure and table builder for data sources
  • Write bach to data warehouse from excel

Features Specific to Sage 300cloud ERP

  • Multiple companies
  • Data formatting
  • Associations / Relationships Defined
  • Date & Time dimensions standard in the data warehouse
  • Optimised & Normalised data tables, fields & structures
  • Import & Export features for account mappings
  • Enables Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Optional fields (segment or transactional level), accounting
  • segments, multiple companies, selected modules
  • Different accounting structures between companies is catered for
  • Company or aggregate reporting

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