Implementing technology on a smaller scale


Smart manufacturing is growing and smaller manufacturers are also slowly realizing its importance as well. However, implementing the technology in a company goes way beyond just installing and having it run your business. It is a process that comes with its own needs for addressing so it can appropriately increase the value and competency of the business as a whole. Various processes, tasks, and procedures can be applied by any organization. These will ensure an effective and efficient management of IT infrastructure in an organization.
For small businesses, having a baseline from planning, implementation and measurement can work tremendously work for you. Most businesses have termed certain technologies as most suitable for large industries with complex infrastructure and large manpower however; solutions such as Dynamics 365 can serve smaller and less mature processes of small scale industries as well. However, from the available technologies out there and the capabilities, it’s important to choose a solution that is relevant and suitable for your company.


Identify areas of key need

A mind map on what the company needs to achieve versus what their weaknesses are needs to be drawn up. It is also important to define what capabilities you need in order to achieve your set targets. For this, you will need to consult your teams within the organization to get a feel for what is required and what already works. It’s important that the employees are properly included in this culture change and that they have an input in what will work best even though they will not make the overall decision. Ensuring that they have a skills training to properly deal with the technology will provide a sense of comfort. If workers understand the big picture for the business and its vision for the future, they can more easily comprehend and support the need to adopt new technologies.
Money Matters

It is imperative to have an approach that focuses on cost savings. While the bigger companies may not have to think twice because of a healthy budget, this is not always the case for smaller manufacturers. Therefore, carefully adopting the right features for your business will prove beneficial initially. More features can be included as the company’s requirements, budget and size grows. Dynamics 365 is a solution that is tailored for such growth as it is easy configurable and can therefore go through the growth journey with your business.
When there is a change in the way things are done it can takes longer to do everything, including onboarding the teams throughout the organization. It’s important to take a step back and figure out how to bridge the communication gap between leadership, stakeholders, and agile teams. When scaling up agility for enterprise projects, it’s not always smooth sailing.


A number of hurdles such as limited visibility, difficulty engaging digital customers and optimizing their available tools are usually the main reason for digesting. By using technology manufacturers can create good customer experience and more responsive to customer needs. You can even see revenue earned per sales person, which means an increased ability to manage the status of opportunities.


By incorporating technology into the business, smaller companies will get to enjoy a people-oriented business approach, which will mean loyal and a continuous churn of new ones.


Choosing the right solution for your business includes ensuring they meet the capabilities you need in order to achieve your set target. Download our ebook to find out how you can start your digital transformation journey.