Creating a connected manufacturing business

Technology has brought many distinct advantages. In a challenging sector such as manufacturing, operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and continued marketing efforts are all part of one package. Manufacturers are always looking to reduce the cost of operations, operate in a lean way through reducing waste and driving efficiencies in the supply chain. To secure a smart future, manufacturers are leveraging the Internet of Things to reshape product development and production. On a daily basis, new competition arises and so the best way forward is to invest in manufacturing IoT technologies that can build on the goals of the company successfully.


It is all about selecting the right infrastructure and technology that is crucial for each manufacturer’s success. By leveraging technologies developed by companies such as Microsoft, manufacturers can create new and effective business models, ensuring better products and services that align with the needs and preferences of their customers.


Your technology tools can affect all your business wholly. The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought about seamless connectivity among devices and applications. This brings countless benefits to the supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing and production. The Internet of Things is also driving cost saving and uncovering new revenue opportunity for manufacturers.


Next Generation Manufacturing

Consumers need more choice and flexibility. With the remote management of products having evolved from basic monitoring to sophisticated performance management and information analysis, the possibilities have become endless. In order to keep up with customer behavior changes and successfully keep them happy, manufactures should consult experts in the field. Microsoft develops tools and software that enables growth and customer satisfaction using technology.


Through consulting a Microsoft Partner such as AccTech, manufacturers can easily change their systems and ways of doing things on a smaller yet effective scale. AccTech can assist with implementing suitable technology such as the Dynamics 365, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for multi-site, international enterprises. It enables seamless connectivity across all parts of the manufacturing process.  Its capabilities encompass financial, human resources and operations management, in addition to industry capabilities for manufacturers and other industries.


Thanks to its agility, you can easily monitor all parts of the business while expanding your business opportunities and slowly modifying your processes to make your business stand out.


Dynamics 365 was created to enable smart decision-making and faster access to real-time insights and intelligence on any device, anywhere. Any business operation will enjoy flexibility of growth and easy scaling of operations globally to meet business needs. It also enables businesses to redesign their business processes faster so they can innovate and get quick value to stay ahead of the competition.


Connected supply embraces all company functions and relevant partner functions for a manufacturing company that has several offices, improving the flow of information to improve decision-making and accelerate processes. Plus another great benefit is that many employees see investments in connected devices and newer software as a sign the company is committed to making their jobs easier and to help them succeed. Investing in newer technology is an excellent way to show your employees you are investing in them.


Through connecting the manufacturing devices, you can easily pay attention to the efficiency of your software and hardware. When items need to be repaired, refreshed or upgraded you become aware of this in time, saving money and keeping production going without any disturbances. A Microsoft partner can work closely with your IT department to help you monitor the effectiveness of the solution and scale it accordingly as the business grows.


It’s extremely important that manufacturers to develop product segmentation strategies that includes connected manufacturing to excel and become more competitive.


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