Industry 4.0: Advancements in Manufacturing Technology Are Transforming the Industry

The rise of the Internet gave birth to innovation. Prior to that, the telegraph was the first in a long line of innovative inventions that would change how we communicate. Another great invention, the steam engine made way for the existence of cars, airplanes, factories, trains and spacecraft. History has witnessed many of such inventions, which have changed the way we do things. These tools managed to multiply the mechanical power of human strength.

Advances in manufacturing technology are having a profound impact on every phase of traditional manufacturing, including design, execution, process control, and safety measures used around the globe. These are positive advances that can produce better products while creating less waste, align the supply chain more closely with demand, and keep employees safer than they have ever been.

Product generally travels through this kind of build process at a quicker rate, because unnecessary steps have been designed out, which in turn allows goods to reach the consumer in a more timely fashion. From a safety perspective, automated design methods contribute to a safer work environment through a refinement of the process and greater virtual testing that can be accomplished to check ergonomics, physical requirements as well as other factors that can lead to injury if not properly evaluated.

Another very noticeable impact has been in the creation of an entirely new position in companies that make use of digital and or global manufacturing methods – the safety engineer. This person is charged with having an intimate knowledge of several engineering disciplines, for instance controls, mechanics, and electronics. They must also have a deep understanding of safety requirements and regulations. Responsibilities include the creation of a harmonious connection between cutting edge technology, design requirements, and necessary safety practices.

The industry continues to evolve in response to the challenge of ensuring the right products are delivered at the right price to the right person through a process of improved sophistication. Robotics are shaping the future of manufacturing. The future of manufacturing involves some astonishing changes. Through this productivity increases, allowing us to do more with less.

They say advanced manufacturing will increase efficiency, making manufacturers’ bottom lines better, but will not mean the manufacturing jobs we have come to know. The repetitive tasks will be replaced by robotics and the types of jobs that will open up from the increased use of Advanced Manufacturing will require much more education and skills. Accuracy in the workflow.

AccTech is dedicated to working with you in developing tools that will enable transformative change while minimizing your risk. As a certified Microsoft partner, it promotes solutions that are designed to help manufacturers predict and take action on suppliers, batches, components, while empowering every employee to make intelligent decisions easily and quickly. It ensures that your business achieves breakthrough productivity with intelligent, mixed reality and cognitive services by bringing together human, machine, and AI.

Here are some ways Dynamics 365 is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry:

  • It allows you to work more cohesively in bringing your products to market
  • It promotes connected products, intelligent automation, and digital manufacturing for better overall results
  • You get a far better view of all up operations
  • It integrates operations, sales and marketing into a unified cloud platform

All these benefits allow you to:

  • Capture data from customer touch points
  • Track leads generated through various media
  • Personalize all your business interactions

If you want to thrive in the business of manufacturing, you have to be agile. You have to adapt to customer demand, and you have to look at what it takes to be a leader. There are many benefits you can get from automating your manufacturing processes. Explore them here

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