Cyber risks in manufacturing – proactively protecting your business

Cyberattacks have emerged as one of the top three risks impacting the world and thousands of enterprises. The Global Risks Report for 2018, reveals that cyberattacks are literally one of the biggest threats we face as we get more digital. Digital technologies have brought with them a lot of advantages but have also opened up an opportunity for career criminals.


Manufacturers are now relying on digital technologies, which are making it easier for the industry to become more futuristic and efficient. In the manufacturing industry supply chains, factories, customers, and operations are connected so cyber risks become greater and potentially further-reaching. With so many personal and company devices now connected to the internet and information stored digitally in common areas, exposure has increased drastically.


The statistics further reveal that with cyber security, the number of detected cyberattacks in 2014 almost doubled from the year before, leaving many organizations with significant financial losses and elevating cybersecurity.


Get secure with the right experts

For manufacturing companies every minute in the production process counts. If security is compromised cyber criminals mess with the production process and shut it down completely, which means loss of revenue for a business that has set targets for each day. This means that deadlines are missed, which will also affect those they supply and damage the reputation and reliability of the business.


Through intelligent manipulation, criminals can change and program the machines differently to do what they want. The information they acquire can be used for espionage and to mine valuable information about the organization and its employees.


A lot of technology companies are realizing the growing threat and consulting experts in the field to assist with assessing their risks and recommending a robust cyber security strategy and roadmap. Microsoft is one of the leading experts in the field and has invested in top security experts and technologies that can assist with keeping businesses safe against cyberattacks.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the many Microsoft technologies designed with security in mind. Businesses that use Dynamics 365 not only enjoy the features but can do so securely without worrying. It is able to detect threats with intelligence before they become a problem and immediately investigates and remediate complex attacks across identities, apps and data, and devices, before they can cause damage.


Cyber security should be of paramount importance for any company looking to operate in the cloud. There are several questions you should ask before finding a cloud provider and security should be the first one. Other valuable information to establish include; is my provider an expert in the cyber security field and how important is cyber security to them.


As an expert in security, Microsoft and its partners such as AccTech aim to teach companies how to:

  • Protect Data and Privacy in the Cloud
  • Harness the power of information sharing to reduce the risk of cybercrime
  • Use the cloud to work more efficiently and securely


Arm your company and prevent irreparable damage

With increased access to data, it is important for organizations to consider what data should be shared and how to protect the data that shouldn’t. It should be etched into a business’ strategy to prioritize upskilling its employees when it comes to using technology securely especially sharing work related information. Every part of the business should be appropriately aware of their responsibilities to help mitigate cyber risks.


Hackers are finding more advanced ways to break into organizations, therefore in order for businesses to move forward and evolve they have to continue to build on their cybersecurity protection measures. An integrated approach and a unified platform will go a long way in helping to win the battle and neutralize vulnerabilities.


To learn more about how Dynamics 365 can be of use to your business, download our ebook on Digital Transformation and Manufacturing Industry 4.0.