Enjoy remote monitoring and maintenance with Dynamics 365 and Azure IoT

New technologies in manufacturing arise every day and it’s the responsibility of managers to keep up with the changes. For most manufacturers, a robust IT system is all they need to eliminate downtime, which can potentially save them lots of money. The responsibility of the manager includes ensuring that the business continues to innovate, while minimizing the running costs, and at the same time maintaining the highest levels of customer service. The onset of Industry 4.0 has almost guaranteed success for most businesses, who see pioneering technology as an attractive tool to deliver groundbreaking services. As more businesses adapt to the new realities of the digital market, the smallest competitive advantages become absolutely crucial.

Manufacturing companies are looking at providing a more efficient and flexible command and control system that would allow them to provide more advanced services to their customers anytime, anywhere. This goal can be easily achieved with Microsoft Azure, the Azure IoT Suite, and Dynamics 365 which is perfect for time-saving and cost-effective remote monitoring and maintenance. Azure in combination with Dynamics 365 can provide you with rich data that can give you great insight on your business and operations.



Managers in the business are encouraged to find smart manufacturing means to promote productivity, and these have been tried and tested solutions that have proven to work. By installing technologies that can help with remote maintenance and monitoring you can know which problems are critical vs. non-critical and react accordingly.

Through remote monitoring you can prevent costly breakdown and fixes, improve customer service, and take your business to better heights. These capabilities will set the stage for any company to offer new services that can further add value to its customers.

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