Tools to help you gain a 360-degree view of your customers for automated sales reporting

Businesses are constantly competing for customers and looking to improve the experience of the ones they already have. In order to close a sales deal, the sales team will need to have a 360-view of your customers, which can be done with the right set of tools. It is important to understand first how your customers relate to the business. This provides less opportunity to be blindsided by any future or current complaints that may come up. Customer data can be a mine of extremely helpful information if used correctly, and selecting the right tools to do this is just as important.


Dynamics 365 puts the information you need in one convenient place to give you a complete 360-degree view of your customers. It assists you with automating and synchronizing your business processes for automated sales reporting. You can track your sales, and do customer onboarding and case resolutions easily. The end-result is that you have a highly consolidated database of your customers and a “360-degree” view of their every touchpoint. Many manufacturers are harnessing these tools to make money, save time, strengthen relationships with clients and suppliers, and grow their businesses.



There are a number of ways that businesses can gain a 360-view so that they can easily automate sales reporting, as listed below:

  • Upgrading productivity software to Office 365 to engage customers better
  • Pairing Office 365 with SharePoint to easily track customer queries and cases resolved
  • Replacing telephone with Skype to cut costs, and easily engage with fellow teammates and customers
  • Using Skype for reviews to enable easy reviewing of client cases, and sharing of files


Manufacturers are turning to these advanced tools to help them deal with the challenges of working in a demanding and customer-centric environment. Through Dynamics 365, you are guaranteed a full customer view and quick wins for your business.


To see how you can get an overall view of your customer, sign up for a free consultation, which will be tailored specifically to your needs.