Choosing the right platform to support your Digital Transformation

Choice. The problem is choice, as Neo quite rightly said in the smash hit movie The Matrix Reloaded.

Choice remains the crux of many quandaries, and thus it needs to be dealt with, if one is to make the right decision and achieve an attainable goal. So when faced with the quandary of Digital Transformation, the issue of choosing one platform over the others remains a critical one. This blogpost helps you choose the right platform to support your own Digital Transformation process.


One goal, one platform: Choose wisely

The pressures of commencing your own Digital Transformation can be great. Some, or maybe all of your competitors may be already underway, at different stages of implementation. There may also be a factor of stakeholder pressure, as they see how others reap financial benefits from it. It’s thus easy to take a rushed attitude, which will likely lead to a premature and unnecessary failure of the strategy.


The goal of Digital Transformation is to achieve operational excellence, which does not benefit from a rushed approach. So, make sure to choose a platform that offers all apps you need in a single, Cloud-enabled digital solution. Taking Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations as an example. The platform offers an integrated solution for the optimization of every aspect of your manufacturing business. You can purchase apps as and when you need them, taking the rush element out of the equation.


The initial cost of Digital Transformation v the long-term benefits

Cost is an issue for any business, no doubt about that, but specially for manufacturing, where the cost of every item produced is scrutinized on a daily basis. The goal here is simple: To manufacture as many items as possible, at the minimum cost possible, and in the least amount of time from raw material to final product.


How to achieve this? Once again, if we take the Dynamic 365 for Operations as an example, the Cloud technology makes the need for a lot of expensive and costly to maintain hardware elements redundant. Once this expense is removed, you can use that money elsewhere. Additionally, the Microsoft package reduces implementation costs because it offers a multi-dimensional solution that encompasses crucial aspects of your business, such as ERP.



When considering the acquisition and implementation of a Digital Transformation platform, scalability should be an important consideration. How scalable does the solution need to be? This depends on the size and purpose of the manufacturing facility you run, but generally speaking, the more scalable a solution is, the more efficient the implementation will be. Dynamics 365 for Operations offers a rather scalable solution, as you can simply purchase and use whichever apps you need, when you need them, which also enables you to carefully manage your costs.


Addressing the customer journey through Digital Transformation

The evolution of your own Digital Transformation journey will be defined through that of your customers. When you engage in change, so do your customers. Maintaining a close relation with them can pose challenges at times, as moments of change are also moments of uncertainty. The solution of choice for your own Digital Transformation strategy must feature a strong customer management aspect.



The process of digitally transforming your business will be a challenging one, but not necessarily costly or troublesome. The key to succeed is to choose the right technology partner, one that can deliver through its established reputation for quality and reliability.


When you choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, you enter into a professional partnership with a reputable, long established industry player. Its 365 platform will become your ideal partner as you embark in your Digital Transformation journey.