Legacy software can no longer cater for the needs of today’s manufacturing industry. In order to fulfill the high demands of production and streamline the production processes, new technologies are found to be the solution.

The manufacturing process entails building, testing and monitoring the performance metrics. This way, managers can anticipate failures and faults, and deal with the issues before they have cost implications. Microsoft Azure IoT was developed with the aim of helping manufacturers construct scalable digital infrastructures, adopt effective productivity tools and prepare for developing technological shifts.

It gives them an opportunity to assess the overall health of devices connected to their Azure IoT hub, quickly identifying the root cause of issues without any assistance, potentially saving costs and time. Preventing failures can help organizations reduce unscheduled downtime and avoid disruptions in operations.

Microsoft Azure is the perfect solution for manufacturers looking to pinpoint gaps in the manufacturing process and create real value for the business and its customers. The integration of Azure and Dynamics 365 into an organizations’ cloud or hybrid environment can save money by ensuring a stress-free backup and archive policy. Through Azure IoT, manufacturers can carefully analyze and gain visibility into the performance and health of their workloads in Azure, guaranteeing a rigorous machine maintenance.

We have seen how through predictive analytics, it is possible to proactively manage maintenance and improve operational efficiency by discovering the chance of a failure before it takes place. In this new era, staying ahead of the curve and addressing these pains before they become problems can mean the difference between failure and success for many.

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s maintenance management module delivers a great end-to-end solution for manufacturers – all in real time. Find out what it can do for you in our ebook.