Three questions to ask your vendor about Dynamics 365

So, the time has come for you and your manufacturing business to begin the digital journey. All the meetings are done, and all the decision makers have reached an agreement. The time for action, the time to embrace Digital Transformation, is now. Inevitably, the next question is, what next? This blog post takes it at this time, just after decisions have been made but implementation has not yet occurred.


Embarking into Digital Transformation is a big deal. Your implementation strategy needs to be carefully planned for and introduced on a staged basis. Haste has no place in the process of digital overhaul. You, as the owner of a manufacturing business, need to choose a vendor that has a proven track record in delivering efficiency and quality, to ensure that neither you, nor your business or staff incur any undue risks in the short or long term. You may wish to get your Digital Transformation process underway through Microsoft and choose Dynamics 365 for Operations as your digital platform. If so, you must now begin asking your chosen provider a number of questions to ensure you start your digital journey on the right footing


Three BIG questions to ask

You probably have a lot of questions in your mind, and that’s fine. There will be time to ask them, process the answers, and act accordingly. But if there’s three questions you need answers for pretty much right away, they are the following. By having this information in your hands, you will ensure you are doing the right thing.


  1. How can Dynamics 365 for Operations help my manufacturing business to reduce costs?

Dynamics 365 for Operations is fully integrated into Azure, Microsoft’s own Cloud service. Because of this, a lot of the current IT infrastructure within your business, such as servers and other hardware elements, may no longer be required. This alone will cut down in maintenance, upgrades, and other costs associated with the hardware’s upkeep. Furthermore, Azure’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model will modernize and simplify your own processes, helping you reduce wasteful efforts and trimming your costs even more.


  1. How easy (or how difficult!) is it to implement the Dynamics 365 for Operations platform?

Rather than terms like ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’, Microsoft works in terms of efficiency and reliability by providing a platform that is flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. It is flexible because it optimizes every facet of your business, from production planning and project management to day-to-day operations, activity scheduling, and cost management. And the solution is scalable too, meaning that you don’t have to purchase every module or app. You can purchase and pay for the apps you need, when you need them, and scale down at a time when you may not use them, such as holidays, etc.


  1. Why is Dynamics 365 for Operations the best solution for my business?

Dynamics 365 offers a Cloud-powered and Cloud-integrated platform where your manufacturing business can thrive, evolve, and digitally transform in a way that suits your operation’s requirements. By reducing costs, streamlining your business flow, and taking advantage of the solution’s scalability, your manufacturing business will become a more solidly established entity.



The process of Digital Transformation will take a bit of time, and time is of the essence for your manufacturing business. Therefore, you need an established vendor that helps you get up and running in the shortest possible time. Dynamics 365 for Operations enables a quick and relatively start of the Digital Transformation process. Just make sure you ask these questions first!

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