One customer, one voice: Fulfil your customer’s needs through Dynamics 365

Every single customer has a voice. It is a unique voice, with unique demands, and unique idiosyncrasies.  But no matter where this voice comes from, your must listen to it if you wish to establish a long lasting connection that will turn into sales and revenue. Many companies and firms ignore this at their peril, and it usually means their downfall in the medium to short term. Listen to a customer’s voice, as this voice means business.


One customer, one voice

Every customer is different. Unique. You can’t apply the ‘one size fits all’ policy, because this just won’t work. Consider every customer to be a unique scenario where factors will play differently. What may work for one customer may or may not work for a different one. In fact, it will more than likely not. It is important to treat every individual customer as an individual entity with its own needs and requirements, and here’s where the Customer Insights feature proves its worth.


Insight voice

To see the uniqueness in every customer is one of the most valuable assets that your logging operation can aspire to have. It’s not enough to see a customer as a mere customer. Customers are people, and people have bad days, emotional issues, flaws and virtues. What this means is that customer engagement is more than a task, it’s an art, and the 365 solution can help you become a much better artist. The art of customer service require empathy and sympathy to you customer’s issue. This art should be taught and nurtured through the Microsoft platform. Treat 365 as the box that holds all the artist’s things, brushes, paints, and everything else that is needed to craft a perfect work of art.


Unique customers need unique experiences

When a customer contacts you to report a problem, or to ask for something, it’s because they need you to help them. They need your time and effort to resolve a query. It’s easy to resort to a scripted answer blurted out by an automaton, but this limited approach will only result in frustration and a lost customer. Fifty such replies a day mean fifty lost customers a day, and so on. Do the math. Instead, seek and exploit the uniqueness in a customer. You may even have the upper hand already and not even be aware of it. The Customer Insight feature may hold customer data that you may use to resolve a query promptly, with minimal fuss but maximum customer delight. As long as the customer feels unique, your job is half done.  The provision of great and unique customer experiences is one of the strengths of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, and with great customer experiences come great opportunities for revenue.


Build trust and loyalty

The outcome of providing great and unique customer experiences is that the reputation of your brand will be elevated and recognized. This will lead to increased profile and profitability, as a happy customer is likely to take to social media to speak great things about you. Good customer relations establish and build trust and loyalty to your brand, which in the long run will help it become recognized worldwide.



If there is one point to take away from this blog, it’s the ‘see the uniqueness in your customer’ truth. Remember, every customer is different, and unique. A scripted answer just will not work, it will only be detrimental for your business.