Connect with your customers through Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM database

Customer relations are everything in business, regardless how big or small the actual business is. It doesn’t matter if it’s your uncle’s sweet shop in the corner or the biggest corporation in the world. All business entities need customers to survive, the more the better. Customer relations can be defined as the way interactions between business and customer are handled, to either gain that customer, or retain them. It is not easy to be a customer, nor is it easy to hold on to customers, or obtain new ones.  Software applications exist today that help you manage and nurture your customer relations, first by building a customer database, maintaining that database, and ensuring that the data is clean and readable.


Dynamics 365: Connecting your customers to your logging operation

When it comes to customer engagement, you need to rely on a sound and solid customer database that you can analyze for the benefit of your business. This database will hold crucial information about your customers, their particular requirements, idiosyncrasies, etc. The data held here must be clean, usable, and up to date. The Dynamics 365 solution enables the gaining and provision of Customer Insights, which are derived from intelligent customer analytics. These insights allow for further personalization of customer relationships, which in turn may help you to predict future customer needs, increase sales, etc.


Customer Insights: The way to engage your customers

Insights help you to make sense of the vast amount of customer data available to you. Analyze this data to personalize your offering, tailor made to resolve a requirement from a particular customer. This level of personalization cannot be underestimated. A customer who receives personalized attention is far more likely to remain engaged with your organization, and to speak positively of their experience. Furthermore, word of mouth can be a great tool to get additional exposure, especially among smaller communities. Because all the customer data is stored in one place, it is much easier to handle and provide actionable insights for your staff. Customer Insights consolidate data from a number of sources, combining all this data into a master database that lists all your customers, and your past interactions with them. The Dynamics 365 solution is particularly well suited for customer engagement, as this master database is used as the heart of your customer engagement activity. This consolidation enables a more efficient and dynamic environment from where to handle marketing, sales, and service data. Once those insights have been linked to specific customers, staff can begin to form marketing and sales strategies that are customized and personalized for every customer experience.


Analyzing Customer Insights

Gaining insight into your customers’ requirements is crucial. This knowledge will give you invaluable foresight into what a customer might want or need in the future, allowing you to prepare targeted marketing campaigns promoting and offering that very service or item. In seeing this, the customer will respond positively and become engaged with your operation. Insights are all about identifying the behavioral trends of your customers, enabling you to know what they want even before they do themselves.



Customer Insights lay at the heart of customer relations. They are the nuggets of knowledge that enable you to create targeted, customized, personalized campaigns to turn leads into closed sales. The more insights the better, and the more customers you can align with these insights, the more potential revenue your business will have. Build your master database with the goal of reaching out to all these customers whenever you have gained enough insights into their requirements, thus fulfilling their business needs and your own at the same time.