From tractors to drones: IoT in the context of Digital Transformation in the agriculture industry

Imagine standing in the middle of your forest,  mobile device in hand. The screen lights up, displaying ground-moisture data. Then, a weather alert comes in. There is a thunderstorm on the way. Looking skywards, there’s deep grey clouds in the horizon. Better put the felling schedule on hold.


All this happens in real time. The data stream is never-ending, as the network of sensors around your forests never sleeps. You can visualize all this in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. This is the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s going to make your life out in the forests much easier.


IoT and Digital Transformation: A new Digital Life for your Forests


Few would argue the point that the internet is here to stay. Ever since its inception, it has gone from strength to strength, pervading most aspects of life and bringing change everywhere. The next step in its natural evolution is the IoT, a network of interconnected devices that can transmit data without human intervention. Agriculture is perhaps one of the few industries where the IoT has not yet gained a significant foothold, perhaps because of its more traditional and rural perception. Nevertheless, some inroads have been made, and little by little, agricultural operations around the world are transforming digitally. Yet, according to some research, IoT device installations in the agriculture world will increase from 30 million in 2015 to over 75 million in 2020


The point of IoT is to enable global connectivity between your own network and the world outside, so that data can be shared, updates can be made, and additional software can be downloaded, if needed. It is in this context of Digital Transformation that IoT can open a new, ‘connected’ future for your forest.


What the IoT can do for your agricultural operation

Drones, moisture sensors, self-driving tractors. All this and much more is already in place on some agricultural operations around the world. Drone technology, for instance, is particularly useful for large territories, as they can be used for surveillance and also gather data about the forests landscape, health and status. The so-called ‘smart agriculture’ brings a whole raft of technological solutions to the field, As forests become connected, their efficiency will grow tenfold. A network of sensors installed around the forest and your equipment can gather an immense amount of data, which can then be transmitted wirelessly to the cloud for analysis and storage. These sensors can measure anything from weather data to reporting on tool locations, vehicle statuses, and much more. The direct outcome of the data gathered is a precise, accurate management system for the entire operation, as the operator is able to see at a glance where a problem might occur, or might already be occurring. The IoT, and the data that it produces, is vital for maintaining a sustainable agriculture worldwide.


Key benefits of the IoT for you


  • Cost reduction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved security
  • Better data management
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Long-term sustainability



The IoT is just the first step in your way to Digital Transformation. It can bring a lot of positive change to your business model, a change that needs to happen if your operation is to last into the future. Digital Transformation is all about data, information exchange, and the management of it all. Getting this right is key to moving into the future.

The digital life of your forests starts here. We have prepared an eBook to show you how.

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