Enable the transformation of your agricultural operation through a digital team

You may have heard the term, read about it in specialized publications, or peppered around posts online, alongside a lot of other jargon. There is a lot of talk about it these days, a lot of buzz, so much so that it sometimes turns into white noise. But just what exactly is a Digital Team? What does it do? And how can such a thing be of help to you?


Digital Team: The myths, the facts, and the figures

The first thing that may spring to mind when thinking about digital teams is a group of aloof, unkempt individuals who dwell in the corners of server rooms, monitoring the blinking panels with deadpan enthusiasm. You may think they are siloed, keeping themselves separate, only surfacing to the upper floors to visit the vending machines. This is not  healthy thought, nor a truthful one.


A digital team is a group of individuals, that is well versed in the digital arts. And you’d want to have them handy when you need it most, because they will help you resolve a lot of the issues that the digital revolution has brought along. While it is indeed difficult to say exactly what a Digital Team does, due to its broad array of concepts that they stand to support, here’s a good approximation: a Digital Team exists to improve the connectivity between your business and your customers, to enable a unified digital vision, and to implement the organization’s overall digital strategy via the right tools, platforms and frameworks. That one sentence carries a wide range of roles and responsibilities, as does a Digital Team’s very reason for existence. Moreover, such team will be responsible for creating a digital framework for the company, as opposed to making ad-hoc, stop-gap solutions for problems as they arise.


So why do I need a Digital Team?

Today’s ‘always connected’ work environment needs a dedicated team of experts with the right skills to keep the digital machinery ticking over. And more importantly, the men and women within the team will become the driving force behind the push for the digital transformation within your business. This transformation will encompass many facets in the context of your agricultural operation, ranging from the installation and maintaining of a combined CRM & ERP solution, to the training and education of staff in the use of these brand new digital tools. A Digital Team is likely to become the ‘go to’ people, who may have the technical savvy to help take your business forward. While on the other hand, the need to train and educate staff is pivotal. Digital transformation is bound to lead to the creation of an ongoing learning programme to keep everyone up to standard – you need to have a power team ready to support your staff and efforts.


The Pursuit of a Data-driven Environment

Information is key, and data is king. The manner in which these are managed will determine whether your operation takes off or goes under. The Digital Team will be there, possibly 24 hours a day, to create an efficient data-driven environment in which your operation can base itself upon, building a solid groundwork for future evolution.



The importance and relevance of a Digital Team for your agricultural operation cannot be underestimated. Today’s data-driven ecosystem demands the implementation of a digital solution to drive success into tomorrow, and beyond.

The digital life of your forests starts here. We have prepared an eBook to show you how.

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