Looking inside your agricultural business – potential for growth

Succeeding in the agricultural business is certainly not easy. There are a number of problems and issues that a logger needs to face and resolve if they are to develop a profitable and lasting operation, or upgrade for growth.

Customer demands, rising prices, parasitic infestations, and a myriad of other factors can create a challenging working environment. It all begins with a look inside, a sort of self-analysis or assessment of how things run in the agriculture industry. The challenge is to find ways to do more with less, using fewer resources, or using them more effectively. This can become a substantial source of savings, and as your disposable income grows, it can be used elsewhere in the operation. Consider upgrading machinery, for instance, or acquiring new tools, maybe even digital ones? The ultimate goal is to ensure that the forest, or any other agricultural operation, works better and more efficiently at every possible level. There’s a very effective way to achieve this goal, by taking the first steps towards a digital transformation:

● Whatever digital tool you may choose, such solution can streamline the operation, turning a so-so profit margin into a more significant one. A combined CRM-ERP solution, in particular, will ensure that every department is working efficiently and in a synergistic way with the rest, which will ensure a cohesive operation. Digital transformation should become a prime directive and rank high in the ‘to do’ list, if you want to pave the way for growth and scale.

● The right digital toolset, when tailored to your operation, will underpin every aspect of your business, from better data management, more efficient timekeeping, and an overall boost for the forests’ all-important yield. This is a key metric of the operation’s success, as yield will greatly determine the revenue. The higher the yield, the higher the revenue.


There are a few key considerations when choosing a software package that will cater for your operation’s requirements:

● CRM & ERP aspects of your business and how these have the potential to complement each other

● Monitoring resources for predictive insights – when setup right, you can glean the future from data. The important step is to ask the right questions.

● Supply chain and logistics – making sure that everything is operating at peak efficiency is complex and time consuming, but the right tool, tailored to your operation can make all the difference and lend the basis for scale.

● Payroll – managing contractors, seasonal staff and core team in an agricultural operation is no easy task. The complexity entailed in each of these models can be made simpler with the right tool, from fiscal to training details

● Sales enablement – connecting your resources to your customers is the core of enabled sales team. The greatest single benefit of digital transformation is perhaps the overall simplification of processes, which brings about a shift to better efficiency and empowers employees to achieve great things.


Also, enhanced customer management will in turn mean a better and more cohesive customer experience. This perk alone will be a major boost in customer loyalty and experience. This last point must be stressed: a digital solution, and specifically a combined CRM-ERP one, will create a complementary relationship between your resources and your sales boosting every aspect of your business. Your customers will notice, and so will you. All the above would mean little if the data gathered could not be

analyzed or utilized properly, or efficiently. Data -information- is power, and processing all the raw data generated by your agricultural operation, and using it to your advantage, will become an invaluable asset.



Someone once said that there is no time in modern agriculture to write a poem or compose a song. What this colorful quote means is that a logger’s life can be hectic, and difficult. The forests are unforgiving, and relentless in their complexity. While this remains true, steps towards digital transformation, such as implementation of an integrated operations digital toolset, will ensure efficiency, longevity, and profitability for your business’ growth.

The digital life of your forests starts here. We have prepared an eBook to show you how.

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