My journey with Sage Live


Being introduced to Sage Live, at first I didn’t know what it was or what it entailed. Actually, coming from a non-accounting and IT background, this whole new environment was Greek to me, so I had to get my things together and get this whole new accounting era under my belt. After a week of online training to get familiar with the product, it still seemed to me like something I wouldn’t be able to make my own. Words like dimensions, tags, unique id’s, and s2cor were thrown at me and still I felt like I wouldn’t be able to succeed.

The next step in this journey was to get certified. Spending a lot of time with my nose in the training manuals, doing numerous labs and working on the product itself, I took on the certification. After passing the certification with flying colours, I saw a small light shining through the end of the tunnel. Working on this product daily, I became more and more familiar with the functionality of the product and how the different processes work and what each module entails – but every day, I find more challenges and errors that I have to figure out but, as the saying goes, you are thrown into the deep end and you must swim to survive. And that is what I am currently doing to keep my head above the water. Yes, I don’t know how to fix some of the errors and yes I have to ask for help, but for a product that only launched on the 21st of August in South Africa, I think I don’t have to feel bad at all.


This whole product is still new and South Africans are not informed about the product and what it can actually do for their businesses, and that is why it is important for me and my company to master this product so that my team and I can go to clients, showcase the product, and try to convince them to move from their current systems that they are using to Sage Live.
The problem that currently stares us in the face is to convince the clients to move over to Sage Live. It is a challenge as they are used to their current systems, whether it be Sage 300cloud, Sage 200 Evolution, or any in-house system. The thing about this product that stands out the most, is that it is a complete business and accounting solution that is built on the Salesforce™ platform which can help clients to bring their CRM, accounting, and financial data together, all based in the cloud.

Another feature that I think could convince clients, is Sage Live is fast, on the go and online and for instance, when you are on your way to a client and you have to process invoices or any related processes, you can do so on your way while driving or sitting in a train and when you arrive at the client, everything is updated and you are ready for your meeting. In the times we are living in today, with time being a big factor, we want to do our daily tasks on the fly, we don’t want to sit in our offices and do our daily tasks, and with Sage Live, this will all be possible.
So, while this product is still new and in its early stages in South Africa, I’m gearing myself with the right ammunition and when the bomb explodes, I want to be ready for any challenge that could possibly come my way.