Central Supplier Database

Central supplier database


The Central Supplier Database from Treasury for all Organ of State entities.

National Treasury provides all Organ of State entities access to a Central Supplier Database for all suppliers that registers with treasury to supply any service or commodity to Government. These successfully register suppliers then receives a unique Central Supplier Database Identification number as proof of registration. All information about any supplier is maintained and any changes to information like address, banking details, BEE status, VAT information and commodities and area of trade is available for any Organ of State to use within their system and operational landscape.

There are a number of challenges that directly impacts the procurement activities within any Organ of State entity in context of the CSD database.

  • Treasury provides every Organ of State with initial bulk files that contains all the supplier information as well as commodities of trade per area and then daily, weekly and monthly update files to keep your information up to date.
  • These files are used for updating your Supplier information as well as supplier rotation for procurement activities to select suppliers within your geographical area that supplies the commodities you need to procure.
  • The issue with this approach is that the Organ of State entities now not only have to keep all these files in Sync but integrating this into their current System and operational landscape is very challenging and keeping everything updated becomes an tedious task and systems integration issue.

AccTech Systems helps Organ of State entities with automating the initial bulk files and updates into a single database. This information can then be used in your procurement process for doing Supplier Rotation per geographical area and the commodities you need to procure. Once your supplier selection is complete AccTech automates the onboarding process with integration to your ERP system so the supplier record is created automatically. After the initial onboarding of the supplier record our CSD solution will keep the supplier information in Sync with treasury so that changes to any supplier information is integrated into your ERP solution.

Our CSD solution provides a seamless automated integration solution for Organ of State entities to comply with Treasury regulations around procurement and the use of the Central Supplier Database.