Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365

From November 2016 Microsoft Dynamics CRM was rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365. The reasoning behind this was that most businesses don’t necessarily use CRM for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and not all businesses needs all the CRM modules (Sales, Service, Marketing). Some businesses are more sales focussed and only needs the sales “app” for example.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables businesses to choose which “apps” they want to include as part of their Dynamics 365 deployment.

The available apps include the following:
• Sales
• Customer Service
• Field Service
• Project Service Atomisation
With the new Dynamics 365 came new enhancements as well:

Mobile app Enhancements:

• A personalised workspace is now available, which makes access to task a lot quicker and easier.
• Mobile dashboards can show more information, and scrolling is reduced.
• Processes are displayed more clearly on the mobile app than before; users can have a better picture where they are with a specific process.
• In-line notes can be created when within a form. Images can now be previewed from notes.
• A user’s phone or tablet camera can be accessed through the Dynamics 365 mobile app, and pictures can be taken and added as a note to a specific record.
• The offline mode has been improved, if multiple entries are made in the same field by more than one offline user (for example, two or more “close by” dates), the conflict is clearly marked and you can choose the correct entry.


Dynamics 365 App for Outlook:

  • Email recipients are automatically mapped to Dynamics 365 contacts, leads or users.
  • More information can be viewed about the specific contact.



Business Processes

  • Business processes can now run concurrently, which means users can switch between different business processes, and when they return to a previous business process it will be in the same stage that it was before the process was switched.
  • Workflows can also now be triggered from business processes based on business process stages.


Editable Grids

  • Sub grids have been a part of Dynamics CRM for a while now, but there was never the functionality for editable grids.
  • Editable grids provide the user the ability to edit related records without having to navigate away from the parent record they are currently working on.


Editable Grid capabilities include the following:

  • Rows can be edited within the grid for most field types.
  • A user can group and filter any on any column available in the grid view.
  • Any column in the grid view can be used to sort with.
  • Columns within the grid can be rearranged and adjusted.
  • Data in editable grids can be exported to Excel.


Office 365 Groups

  • Office 365 groups enables none CRM users to access certain CRM data.
  • Guest presence can be seen with Office 365 groups.
  • Office 365 groups also enable OneNote integration in CRM.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

  • “Connected field service: Connected field service, new in this release, helps service organizations move from a costly break-fix model to a proactive and predictive service model by combining monitoring and predictive maintenance with Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning.”
  • Downtime of devices are reduced with alerts that can be sent out from devices that are connected.
  • Companies can save on maintenance costs, due to the fact that with field service technicians with the correct technical skills can be allocated to perform a job, it also manages the availability of technicians.
  • Travel time can be reduced with the resource scheduling optimisation. Field service can be configured to automatically schedule different items on a recurring basis, which also ensures that resources are allocated efficiently.
  • Scheduling can be enabled for any entity.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service

  • The project service ad-in enables user to do their project planning in Microsoft Project, and this can then be published to Dynamics 365 project service.
  • Dynamics 365 provides a consolidated exchange calendar that contains personal appointments, projects bookings, and field service work orders. This increase your day to day productivity.