How do you engage with modern customers while managing costs effectively?

How do you deal with the demands of the modern customer, who wants fast, accurate service interactions or sales engagements, in a manner and at a time that suits him or her?Respond-quickly-web

This puts significant pressure on the capacity and resources of companies who are not ready for this.

To achieve this, companies need to extract more productivity from their existing resources, while offering an approach to doing business which aligns with the customer’s expectations.

While the telephone is still the preferred method for 43% of customers, over 50% of customers now prefer electronic methods. Why have one customer care agent tied up on a phone call with one customer? Rather have them engage with multiple customers simultaneously via chat, email or social! Better, still reduce the costs per interaction by up to 90% by pushing as much interaction as possible to a self-service website.

Modern Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM (with its Unified Service Desk and Parature features) have a wealth of functionality to cost effectively roll out such functionality to your organisation This is backed up by a single consolidated data view across multiple back-office systems to enable the flow and retrieval of key knowledge and information.

 It might even be your differentiator over your rivals! 44% of customers say that engaging via web chat to have their questions answered in the middle of the buying process was a vital part in making the decision.

You might ultimately find that this cost saving approach becomes a key competitive advantage for you in more ways than one, for those customers who don’t want to sit on the phone for an hour and want to be empowered to engage in a way that suits their busy schedules as well as yours!

If that’s not win-win, i don’t know what is.

The other key need is to learn more about your customers, what they need, the problems they face and how they feel about your business. Then you need a way to share that information between the silos in your business.

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