AccTech Audit Trails for Sage 300cloud ERP

AccTech Audit Trails for Sage 300cloud ERP (previously called Sage ERP ACCPAC)

Every business application, whether it be your Financial System or other Line-of-Business applications, is reliant on a stable and secure database environment. It is accessed and modified, directly or indirectly, by every single business application user, making it difficult to secure. Organisations require sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools to provide protective, detective, and corrective controls on their databases to comply with Audit Requirements. AccTech Audit Trails is the answer!

Gain full control over your database environment:

1. Protective Controls:

  • Protective database controls is the proactive action for database administrators to effectively monitor the performance of their databases. AccTech Audit Trails triggers administrator alerts via Email or SMS; notifying system owners of pending server alerts such as the available space within the Sage ERP database.
  • Notifications of unauthorised system user actions eg users providing authorisation to transactions above the levels determined in the governed financial policy; unauthorised rising of credit limits etc.Audit Trails can monitor any database residing on MS SQL 2005, 2008/R2 or 2012 (Standard and Enterprise Editions) and utilises the built-in SQL Reporting Services functionality for generating reports.

2. Detective Controls:

Detective database controls are any action which allows organisations to monitor, track and record database activities. AccTech Audit Trails does just that. Any action by any user on any system is tracked and recorded within AccTech Audit Trails application.


Category Description

Categories: AccTech Audit Trails allows administrators to add every user action or server activity to a specific category: Normal, Medium or High.

3. Corrective Controls:

Corrective database controls can be seen as any action triggered in response to the established detective controls allowing administrators or department heads to respond to unwanted or unauthorised user actions.

a) Categories: AccTech Audit Trails allows administrators to add every user action or server activity to a specific category: Normal, Medium or High. Corrective rules are then applied to each category dictating the response to the tracked action.

  • Normal Alert: Log the event.
  • Medium: Log and send an eMail to a system administrator or department head.
  • High: Log, eMail and send a SMS to a system administrator or department head.

b) Alerts and notifications: Each of the above mentioned category are linked to a specific level of urgency or notification.


Audit Trails eMail Notifications when Banking Details are changed

Features of Audit Trails include:

Auditing Templates – Settings on triggers can be exported to Microsoft Excel 2007 / 2010 for reuse or backups.

Notifications – The Role based solution allows you to add automated eMail notifications once rules are applied to triggers for example: Banking details are changed, Budget notifications, Configuration /set-up changes, Purchase orders modified after printing

Friendly Names – Import our available Friendly Name templates to assist with applying triggers to tables for Sage 300cloud ERP.

Upgrade Utility – The Sage 300cloud ERP Upgrade function will save time in your next Sage 300cloud ERP upgrade – the function will import all new modules, tables and fields (including available Friendly names) into Audit Trails.

Table Relationships – Setup relationships between tables to receive more detailed information on a record.

Reports – Standard reports including Data and Database Audit, Server Audit and System Reports or easily setup your own with SQL Reporting Services are included. The system will also publish to secure socket layers.

Online Updater – Receive pre-configured templates from our built-in cloud service.

Multi-Threaded option – Enhance auditing performance by utilising all cores for processing.


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