Marketing made easy with Sage eMarketing

Marketing departments across the globe are under pressure to operate more efficiently than ever; to track and analyse each and every cent spent, and to generate high-quality leads for the sales team and to drive cross-sell opportunities within the existing customer base.

Sending out marketing emails one by one is very time-consuming and keeping track of who opened them and measuring the effectiveness and success of these manual campaigns is very difficult.

Sage CRM provides your marketing department with the easy-to-use, cost effective tools to target the right customers and prospects at the right time, eliminating guesswork and optimising marketing resources. With powerful eMarketing software from Sage, powered by Swiftpage, it will revolutionise your marketing efforts with integrated end-to-end marketing campaign management.


Traditionally marketing departments work with massive Excel® spreadsheets when managing outbound email campaigns. More often than not, the customer data is then simply dumped into a bulk email or pulled into an external eMarketing engine which is not linked to your ERP data.



1. Create campaign and choose target list

With Sage eMarketing campaigns can be sent to targeted groups of prospects or customers quickly and easily within Sage CRM:

  • Create a unique campaign name and wave activity
  • Choose a target list (Dynamic or Static) out of your ERP-linked database determining who will receive the email marketing piece

2. Design your own E-marketing template

  • Swiftpage allows you to quickly create targeted emails using over 90 highly professional email templates that cover all your communication needs.
  • Templates can be edited quickly and easily, directly from Sage CRM, allowing you to personalize them with your logo, contact details, hyperlinks and call to action details.

3. Measure Campaign Results

  • Responses from emails sent with Sage eMarketing can be analysed in real-time and campaigns can be tweaked continuously to ensure you get the maximum ROI from each and every campaign.
  • You can track who opened the email, clicked on the links and what emails bounced or were unsent. Targeted groups can be created from the results for follow-up or future eMarketing campaigns.

The Campaign Summary Graph provides a graphic representation of the number of the Submitted, Sent, Unsent, Bounced, Unique Opens, Unique Clicks, Total Clicks, and Viewed As Page Reports.


The Summary Reports provide a general layout of the generated reports.


  • The Opens and Clicks report details the number of Opens, Clicks, and Forwards performed by each contact.
  • The Opens report consists of two pie charts. One chart depicts the percentage of opens versus Unopened while the other represents the Opened count per email address.
  • Opens over Time generates a graphical overview of when the email was opened. This graph shows individual opens only.
  • The Clicks report illustrates the number of times the links within the email have been clicked on.
  • Clicks over Time details the number of times a link within the email had been clicked on within aspecific timeframe.

Detail Reports provide much more in depth information than the Summary Reports. Each report, for instance, records the individual contact’s email address.

  • The Submitted report displays all of the email addresses that were submitted for the send.
  • Unique Opens by Time lists each contact that has opened your email and the number of times thatit has been opened. The most recent Opens appear at the top of the list.
  • Unique Opens by Email generates an alphabetical list of each contact that has opened your email.
  • The Opens by Time report lists each individual Open event arranged by the time that it occurred.
  • Opens by Email records each individual Open event. The list is arranged alphabetically by emailaddress.
  • The Unique Clicks by Link report displays the number of links that an individual clicked on in orderof the links. An individual is only counted once per link.
  • Unique Clicks by Email shows the number of links that an individual clicked on in order of the Email Address. An individual is only counted once per link.
  • Clicks by Link lists every Click event, the corresponding email address, and the time that it occurred. The list is arranged by link.
  • The Clicks by Email report lists every Click event, the corresponding email address, and the time when it occurred. The list is arranged alphabetically by email address.
  • Unopened lists all of the contacts that have not yet opened your email.
  • Bounced details any email addresses that bounced, the bounce code, and the reason.
  • The Unsent report lists the email addresses that were not sent the email and provides the reason why.

Create Call List generates a list of the contacts that opened your email. Each contact will be awarded a rank of Hot, Warm, or Mild based on their interaction with the email.

BENEFITS of Sage eMarketing powered by Swiftpage:

  • Low cost, high ROI
    A well planned and effectively targeted eMarketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.
  • Simple execution
    Compared to print media, emails can be quickly and easily personalized and sent to targets at the push of a button.
  • Personalization
    Emails can be personalized and segmented to suit the target audience. The more the customer buys, the more the email can be refined to the customer’s profile and market.
  • Easily measurable and quantifiable
    Open, click and bounce-rate statistics enable marketers to measure the effectiveness and success of campaigns.

    “Sage eMarketing for Sage CRM 7.1 provides you with the opportunity to gain new customers and get closer to existing customers without ever having to leave Sage CRM.”