November Module Madness

We are glad to announce that Softline Accpac has cut its module and user prices by a massive 30%.  All software orders received and paid for by 30 November 2012 will carry a 30% discount of the retail price.  The 30% discount applies to:
– Sage ERP Accpac
– Sage CRM
– Sage SAI (Sage Accpac Intelligence)
– Sage RMS

This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Acquire those additional users that you need.
  • Source additional functionality / modules to expand the capabilities of your system.

Two modules which will add great functionality to your current ERP environment is AccTech Vendor Relationship Management and Sage Collections Manager.

AccTech Vendor Relationship Management (VRM):

 Who needs it:  All organisations dealing with a large amount of suppliers and who needs a central repository of supplier information containing basic contact information; BBBEE status; bank account details; tax clearance certificate status; contract performance history; commodity categories etc.

 What does it provide you: Integrated into your Sage ERP solution, AccTech VRM empowers your procurement process with a web based portal where all information related to your suppliers are captured and updated.  It allows organisations to track expenditure per purchased commodity either per supplier or per all suppliers with a specific BBBEE level. This greatly aids any organisation in managing Preferential Procurement policies.  Full Audit trails tracks and notifies selected users of any changes to supplier information (e.g. fraudulent change of banking details requests)

Standard Reports Include: 

  • Top 10 Vendors by T/O: This live dashboard will show a graph of the top 10 Vendors by Turnover Y.T.D.
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders: This dashboard and report will display any outstanding Purchase Orders from the Sage ERP P/O module, with the days overdue.
  • Average days to Purchase Order completion: This dashboard and report will provide the number of days to completion from the Sage ERP PO module.
  • BBBEE Spend by Score: This dashboard and report will provide a breakdown of the percentage of Turnover YTD grouped by the BBBEE Score.
  • Cash Flow required based on open Purchase Orders: This report will show a graph of the expected Cash Flow required per month from the Purchase Order estimated delivery dates in Sage ERP Accpac.
  • Commodity report: This report will provide a breakdown of the vendors which supply specific commodities.
  • Transactional Reports: These reports will give a breakdown of the Outstanding as well as Completed Purchase Orders from Sage ERP Accpac, along with a graph of the amounts per Vendor.

Software Cost (For 2 users): R21,000 + R10,800 Software Assurance

Professional Services Cost (For 2 users):   R26,000 (Standard Deployment | Customisations will be billed at a rate of R650 per hour.

Click here to download a full brochure on AccTech VRM

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Sage Collections Management:

Who needs it:  All organisations who provide credit to their customers and who struggle to collect the outstanding debt.

What does it provide you:  Collections Manager for Sage CRM is a free add-on (only expense is the user license cost) which allows your finance department to view all unpaid invoices in a consolidated environment.  Employees responsible for collections can now:

  • Chase payments through a predefined workflow with actions such as automatic payment reminder emails
  • Record promise-to-pay communications
  • Notify management of payment disputes
  • Send final reminder notifications on all outstanding payments

Standard Reports include:

–          All customers who owe money
–          All customers who recently paid
–          All unpaid invoices by aged status
–          All unpaid invoices by workflow stage (Email reminder; phone reminder; final letter)
–          All unpaid invoices summary
–          Per user reports (all my customers owing money; all my customers who recently paid; all my customers by aged status)

Software Cost (For 2 users): R7,000 + R7,200 Software assurance

Professional Services Cost (For 2 users):   R36,400 (Standard Deployment | Customisations will be billed at a rate of R650 per hour.

Click here to download a full brochure on Sage Collections Manager

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