Microsoft Windows 8 – A Beautiful new start

The way people work has changed and now more than ever, people need their devices to be flexible and mobile, while businesses need reliability, productivity and security. The new and enhanced features in Windows 8 make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable, while also improving on the fundamentals.

Live updates at a glance

Vibrant and beautiful, the Start screen is the first thing you’ll see. Each tile on the Start screen is connected to a person, app, website, playlist, or whatever else is important to you. Tiles light up with the latest info, so you’re instantly up to date. In one glance, you’ll see that photo you were just tagged in, tomorrow’s weather, and messages from your colleagues.

Work and PlayWork and play

Use your new tablet or laptop for entertainment, work, or both. Chat with a friend while scoping out a map, or play a game while getting stuff done. Go from spreadsheet to video in one swipe, or snap them side-by-side for easy multitasking.



See Something Share Something

See something, share something

Your photos, websites, that funny video you just saw: Pretty much anything you’re looking at, you can share with others. Instantly. Just swipe in from the right and tap or click Share to immediately send it in email or post it to Facebook.


Surf bingDiscover fast and fun ways to get around

Pinch and stretch to zoom in and out. Get a global view of everything that’s on your screen, and slide back and forth to find what you’re looking for. Swipe in from the left to switch between recently used apps. Swipe in from the right to get back to Start and to other things you do often, like searching, sharing, and changing your settings. Swipe in from the bottom to see navigation controls for any app you’re in.

SkydriveSkydrive – any file anywhere

Use SkyDrive to keep your files safe on your hard drive and in the cloud, and get to them no matter where you are. Your files is available on multiple PCs and your phone—even non-Windows devices with the free SkyDrive app installed on them.

It’s easy, it’s free. Click here to view the Skydrive video and download the free app.

Apps and more

 Apps do more

Built-in apps like People, Mail, Photos, and Messaging power you through all your essential tasks and work together for a single, streamlined experience. And there’s a world of new apps to discover in the Windows Store.

Five features from Windows 8 that businesses will benefit from:

1. Support for tablets and Desktops

Windows 8 will also incorporate both a Metro style interface that’s optimized for touch screens (think tablets) and a classic desktop interface. Users will be able to select their preferred interface to match their needs; desktop mode is ideal for tasks that require the mouse, for example.

2. Significantly faster boot up

Businesses will be glad to learn that Windows 8 has been architected for a significantly faster boot-up time. A lighting-fast boot-up from SSDs using current hardware is already a reality with the current development version of Windows 8.

3. It will run on existing hardware

One very welcome piece of news was when Microsoft promised how Windows 8 will run on existing hardware. This means that businesses should be able to use their “Windows 7-era hardware” with Windows 8 without having to sign off on new purchase orders, or upgrade components in the PCs.

4. Enhanced architecture

The new OS supports UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) secure boot to help protect against boot loader attacks that try to sneak in at the boot loader level. In addition, Microsoft has also created the new software stack for “SuperSpeed” USB 3.0. Moreover, Microsoft has also demonstrated advanced features such as universal sharing. As outlined by ITProPortal, an image can be dragged straight into an editing program where it is edited, and dragged back to Facebook to be posted.

5. App store included

While installing new software Windows has never been particularly difficult, the presence of an App Store does dangle the promise of a single place for the downloading and installing of new software applications. Larger businesses or enterprises with the existing infrastructure to roll out new software may not find it particularly helpful. For smaller businesses, however, an app store will certainly be invaluable.