AccTech iOCR – Easy access to documents immediately

Original documents (Printed Proof of Deliveries; Invoices; Statements; Timesheets; Contracts etc) is the lifeblood of any business. They contain vital information affecting every department in your organisation but getting access to these documents and the information on them is a big challenge for most businesses.

Scanning and archiving is easy, but once scanned and archived, are these documents linked to the original transactions in your ERP system? AccTech Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (AccTech iOCR) offers a range of solutions that meets the document scanning, indexing and archival demands of any modern enterprise.

Integration into Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP X3

Key to the success of AccTech iOCR is its seamless integration into Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP X3, and even AccTech eWorkflow. This means that AccTech iOCR leverages the data that already exists in your ERP application, allowing you to verify the archived document against the actual transaction in your financial system.
If you need documents channeled through an approval process before committing it to your ERP, AccTech eWorkflow can handle this for you.

Documents Mix

Legal compliance:

Helps you to comply with the legal requirements such as those entranced in the ECTAct, King II, FICA, Labour Act, Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations converting the secure archival of documents.

Common Scenario:

Commonly a customer will phone and request that you fax or email them a signed proof of delivery (POD) before they can process a payment. Your debtors department will have to find the original POD, scan the document for emailing, or fax it to the customer. With AccTech iOCR, all the related transaction documentation is accessible within one click of the mouse.

The results:

  • Improved staff productivity and morale as everyone has fast access to the documents they need
  • Improved customer service
  • Quicker collections
  • Manage your Accounts Payables by tracking the paper associated with your purchases

Key Features:

  • OCR: (Optical Character Recognition): AccTech has taken the scanning of your documents to the next level. iOCR will scan, extract data from the scanned document, convert it to metadata and capture the document into your ERP system on your behalf.
  • Document Management: AccTech iOCR integrates with state of the art document management platforms such as
    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and myFiles. Having SharePoint or some kind of DMS however is not a requirement to
    enable you to make use of this product.
  • Scan, Index and tag: for capturing documents and attaching relevant index information and metadata for flexible searching.
  • Search and View: find the electronic documents you are looking for quickly. These could include ‘Missing POD’s’;
    Invoices; Statements; Contracts etc.
  • Distribute: For emailing, printing and faxing of stored documents directly from your Document Management
  • Document Cabinets and folders – Multiple document folders can be configured to store different document types
    from different departments or by different companies.
  • Simple user interface – makes it easy for casual or first time users to use.
    Unobtrusive: AccTech iOCR runs in the background integrated to Sage ERP solutions without you even noticing it.

AccTech iOCR FlexiCapture: Workflow Customization Example