Disaster Recovery Protection

The importance of protecting an organisation’s data in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing and more visible business priority in recent years. A solid disaster recovery plan needs to incorporate the backing up your data both on-premise and online. How secure is your organisations Data?

Data Replication = Complete peace of mind

In the modern enterprise the data generated by the ERP and other Line of Business (LOB) applications is fast becoming one of the organisation’s most important Assets. Protecting that data in case of a disaster (Fire; Flood; Theft; Hardware Failure) is critical to the organisation’s future existence. The only way to ensure this is by duplicating the traditional on-premise backups with a back-up online.

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The Mobile Workforce:

Data is no longer residing in safe, protected data centres. The evolution of the mobile workforce has resulted in business critical business data often roaming around on laptops. Statistics show that you simply cannot rely on your users to back up the data on their laptops consistently.

Backup is a thankless job:

and is often associated with a high failure rate. Very few IT Pros acknowledge any knowledge or experience to back up servers and rarely volunteer for the job.

Disaster Recovery Protectiion

Pricing Example:

Joe is the IT Executive at RBR Financial Project Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Their Sage ERP Database is roughly 20GB in size. Joe wants to secure this data and contacted AccTech Systems to provide a cost effective onsite AND online backup solution. Joe requested that we provide capability for 100GB onsite backup and 20GB online.

Pricing Example