Managing the Expectation

It does not matter where one sit in an organisation (Employee, employer, business development or HR), at some stage every day of your life you have to manage someone’s expectation. It is as if it has become an unnecessary evil, but then again it is purely Human.

Quite some time ago I listened to “The Servant Leader” by James A. Autry. One of the strongest messages of his work is that we constantly want to “up” our game. What is life really about if you cannot improve yourself on a personal and work environment all the time. And this is where Managing the expectation meets improving myself.

Ever so often, when I deal with a client query or complaint, it all boils down to expectation management. People just want to know, no-one likes to be in the dark or work on a “need to know basis”. I think our generation “Y” is teaching us a lot on this subject as well. If people know and understand the hold up with a product or service delivery, their expectation is managed, as simple as that. And yes it is simple, it is just about picking up the phone and explaining the situation (I always like to follow up on an email, so my client/audience can just forward this to the people with a vested interest in the matter.)

“Why is it so difficult for some people however to manage the expectation?” We don’t want to disappoint people, if we gave our word we cannot go back on it. The bottom line is that people remember when you gave them your word, but most people are also humane and understand when things go wrong, and situations are out of your control. It is also good to know that you can depend on other people to help you manage the expectation. We all sit in an environment with people and tools to help you deal with situations, remember use them, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, start trusting your colleagues and tools.

Golden Rule: “don’t put it off” do it right now. Manage the expectation!