A great time saving tool from Microsoft Windows 7

I am not the blogging type so please don’t expect regular updates from me, but when I do discover something that makes my job easier, I will certainly share my findings.  The Snipping Tool from Microsoft is one such finding…

Every day I find the need to visually communicate what I see on my Laptop screen with my colleagues and friends.  Traditionally I would simply hit the “Print Screen” button, paste that entire screenshot into an email, and send it to the relevant parties.  Besides generating unnecessarily large email files, the recipients had to run through the entire screen shot to see what portion I am actually referring to…

Let me introduce you to a little Windows 7 tool (I believe its available to Windows Vista users as well) that changed my life!  It’s called the “Snipping Tool” and can be found from your start button under the ‘Accessories’ tab.

Select Snipping Tool

Don’t expect a huge and fancy user interface for this tool.  This is all you will see, and trust me, this is all you need.

Select option in Microsoft Snipping Tool

Simply navigate to the screen you want to ‘Snip’.  Click on the ‘New’ button and simply highlight the area you want to select.   Your selected area will appear in the Snipping Tool interface.

Crop area with Microsoft Snipping Tool

From here you can:

  1. Use the highlighter
  2. Make comments where required

Make comments with Microsoft Snipping Tool

Once you are happy with your highlights and comments, simply hit the copy button:

Microsoft Snipping Tool copy option

From here you can now paste your ‘snipping’ in an email, and consider the job done!

Email to friend from Microsoft Outlook

Fun and games aside, it’s simply a fantastic tool you can use to highlight area’s in financial statements for your finance team; highlight spelling or grammar mistakes for your marketing department; stipulate rules and regulations from your HR policy for the operations department…this list goes on and on!

Enjoy the Snipping!