Why MicroStrategy?

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More than one million people worldwide and thousands of leading companies across all industries use MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software every day for better business decisions.

GartnerGartnerMicroStrategy Positioned in Leader’s Quadrant in Latest Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms


The Bi Survey 9The BI Survey 9: “MicroStrategy achieved the highest KPI scores overall across 23 products surveyed in The BI Survey 9. In my view, this is indicative of MicroStrategy’s focus on continuing to broaden and improve its BI platform and the fact that MicroStrategy has resisted the temptation to build a technology portfolio through acquisitions.”
— Barney Finucane, lead author of The BI Survey 9

VentanaVentana Research: “MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 introduces enhanced performance and power to deliver interactive analytics that are easily architected, assembled, and deployed via dashboards and new forms of information applications.”
—Mark Smith, CEO and EVP, Ventana Research

TDWITDWI: “In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, the ability to quickly deploy new applications is critical.  I am impressed with MicroStrategy’s auto-modeling heuristics, which make project setup far easier.”
—Wayne Eckerson, Director, The Data Warehousing Institute

BiScoreCardBIScorecard: “MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 brings improvements to its in-memory algorithms that improve both real time query performance, load times to OLAP caches, and memory required. While MicroStrategy 9 had excellent data scalability, the latest enhancements allow for more user scalability, even with complex analytic queries.”
—Cindi Howson, Founder, BIScorecard