AccTech VRM for Sage



The collection and management of Vendor Data is a time consuming and costly business activity. The BEE rebates up for claim are significant and it justifies the time and effort allocated to managing your vendors. Imagine being able to simplify the Vendor Master Data collection and capturing procedure to the mere click of a button… imagine being able to compile complex vendor reports that will assist in BEE rebate calculation at the click of a button. Stop imagining. Discover the power of VRM to enable you to better manage your supply chain.

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AccTech VRM for Sage is your solution and includes these features:

  • Vendor information and supporting documents
  • Tender process management
  • Contract repository and expiry notifications
  • Actual vs. Budget on projects and contracts
  • Vendor performance ratings and trend analysis
  • Automatic notification of BBBEE & Tax Certificate expiry
  • Auditor-ready reports and dashboards on key procurement information



Tender and contract governance

PFMA-Compliant Tender Process

VRM controls the end-to-end tender process, from initiation, submissions,  scoring & evaluation and award.

 Bid Adjudication Committee (BAC) Management

Allow a collaborative workspace for the BAC to engage with the tender and keep abreast of developments.

Contract Management

Upon awarding of the tender, the contract can be electronically stored, with expiry dates and escalation information.

Project Management

Actuals vs. budget on active contracts and projects can be monitored, with data drawn directly from your ERP system.

 Secure Purchase Orders

Send encrypted purchase orders and track delivery to suppliers


Auditable Vendor data management

Vendor Master File

VRM allows you to store all of your vendor master details in a single database

Bank Account Management

VRM will allow individual users to capture vendor banking details and there is a full authorisation workflow which requires a supervisor to approve the banking details before they are accepted for payment.

Tax and BBBEE Certificates

VRM will identify vendors whose Tax Clearance or BBBEE Certificates are about to expire and will notify them automatically of the pending expiry.

VRM electronically stores vendor’s Tax
Clearance and BBBEE Certificates


Drive your BBBEE goals

Full Audit Trails

Tracking of changes to vendor data is critical to ensure accuracy and auditability. VRM monitors all changes to any vendor detail and ensures your data is fully auditable and verifiable.

Preferential Procurement

Utilise VRM’s reports and dashboards to monitor spend per BBBEE level, including management of sub-contractors.

Management reporting provides insight into the trends with respect to spend per BBBEE level; actual vs. budgets and expected cash flow requirements

Enterprise Development

Monitor effectiveness of your strategy to pay black-owned suppliers on time to gather maximum Enterprise Development points.

Dashboards provide instant access to information such as open purchase orders and draw attention to excessive turnaround times from non- performing vendors.

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