Dynamics 365 Field Service: Go Next Level

Customer satisfaction and technician productivity is at the heart of your business. On your digital transformation journey your organisation has implemented a field service management platform. You have now reached a juncture where you

  • want to move beyond a break-fix model
  • want to continue adopting technology as part of your business strategy
  • want to improve KPIs
  • are considering new revenue stream to remain competitive

Tiered Connected Field Service

Connected Field Service can be categorised in three levels:

Basic – sensors trigger alerts for automated work order creation when the normal range is exceeded. A technician is dispatched.

Advanced – a command is sent back to the device for a reset. If abnormal ranges are still detected, a technician is automatically dispatched.

Expert –  the solution sends multiple commands and all automated options are exhausted before dispatching a technician.

Reduce catastrophic downtime

With connected field service we can move beyond a break-fix model toward a predictive model. Proactively preventing and reducing  downtime greatly improves customer satisfaction. 74% of the best-in-class service providers are already using IoT technology to track serviceable assets and equipment.

Improve First-time Fix Rates

By consolidating sensor data with customer data, eliminates the need for initial onsite diagnostics. Dispatched technicians arrive with the right equipment and parts to address the malfunction – fewer follow-ups are scheduled as a result and your credibility as a trusted partner can extend to include your technical staff. As technicians today are uniquely positioned to become trusted advisors, they have the backing to grow the customer account.

Enhance mobility

Equip your technicians with ‘act on insight’ from IoT devices when they’re on site:

  • Embed IoT device state and measurements directly in the Field Service Mobile application
  • Leverage off Azure for storage of telemetry data from your IoT solution and visualise the data with Power BI.
  • Allow technicians to send commands from their Field Service Mobile applications back to the IoT solution.

Discover new revenue streams

Intrigued by the concept of servitisation (e.g. “power by the hour”) or similar business models? Rolls-Royce is a prime example of shifting to selling flying hours instead of the engine themselves. Connected Field Service alerts technicians before the client is aware of anomalies. Connected Field Service has the ability to introduce new revenue streams into the business, keeping it a step ahead of competitors.  

Improve KPIs

Provide preventative maintenance on a “just in time” approach based on consumption instead of regimented schedules where environmental conditions around the customer’s asset might affect service intervals.

Tapping into relevant points amassed via sensors with connected sensors, connected field service organisations can move toward a proactive maintenance approach.

Speak to the industry leaders around strategy and solution fit to increase customer retention and maintain customer excellence with connected – take Field Service to the next level with AccTech.

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