Dynamics 365 Field Service: Start Your Journey

Streamline and standardise Work Orders

Generate Work Orders from Services Cases, Sales Orders, Emails, Calls, Agreements, Web Portals or IoT telemetry. Guide standardisation and service excellence with pre-defined ‘checklist’ items (parts or tasks), labour rates and required skillset for the job. Work Orders can be linked to equipment to drive historical insights and agreements to drive scheduled maintenance in addition to break-fix incidents.

Optimise Scheduling and Dispatching

Resource scheduling optimisation enables organisations to assign work orders to the best available resources based on location, skill set, priority and even customer preference. The interactive scheduling experience can be managed manually through drag-and-drop, semi-automated with the scheduling assistant or fully automated with Resource Scheduling Optimisation. As resources are often utilised in various roles within the organisation, staff (individuals or crews) can be scheduled for work orders, sales orders, project etc.

Enhance Communications

O365 integration enables emailing and skype calling to available resources. As work orders are generated, assigned and scheduled, updates to the customer are automated to drive communication continuity with customers.

Enable Mobility (online/offline)

Streamline communications through mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows to guide service staff through the process of completing assigned work orders: location, instructions, customer assets and service history is fluently available and two-way communication of pictures and video is supported. As service staff progress through the work order, the scheduling board is updated in real-time to inform customers of status changes. Offline capabilities cater for under-serviced or remote areas.

See Assets history

When Work Orders are completed, the relevant Asset (customer-owned or leased) is updated including inventory levels. Completed work orders and consumption of labour and parts are signed off immediately by the customer to shorten the payment lifecycle – invoices are generated upon closure of the complete item and required ‘follow up’ is automatically scheduled.

Lead with Prevention

Move forward from the costly break-fix model to predictive and proactive service model by combining IoT diagnostics, scheduling, asset maintenance, and inventory on a single platform. Through connected Field Service, downtime is reduced through diagnosis before the customer is aware of the problem. Leading with Customer Agreements can drive your sustainability model through automatically generated work orders and invoices. They are ideal for preventative maintenance-type work and increasing service staff profitability.

Gain Insights and Analytics

Gain insights and analytics powered through various reporting technologies including PowerBI. What-if analysis statistics enable simulation runs to adjust optimisation scope, ranking of objectives and comparisons of simulations to existing bookings. Optimisation goals (for example maximizing working hours and minimizing travel time) help organisations proactively curb costs and increase productivity.

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